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Ex-Skeptic: I Married A Psychic And Then Things Got Weird!

Ex-Skeptic: I Married A Psychic And Then Things Got Weird!

A former skeptic in all things paranormal revealed that when she married a psychic, her world turned upside down!

Science writer and researcher Louisa Oakley Green told C2C that psychic abilities may have more to do with insect-like behavior and the human body's central nervous system than with a the crystal ball of prophetic lore.

Green said that one of the reasons she changed from being a skeptic to becoming a believer in the paranormal was due in part from marrying into it.

"The universe absolutely has a sense of humor," she told George. "Because more than 20 years ago before I met my husband I was one of the most die-hard skeptics you could possibly meet when it came to anything psychic."

Once attributing the paranormal to mere "superstition" her beliefs changed when she met her husband who just happened to be a psychic.

"I met his man. I fell in love with him. We get married. Not only is he psychic but half his family is," Green said. "So I got plunged into an entirely different sort of world."

At first, Green thought her husband and his family's beliefs were "quirky" and she didn't take any of it seriously because of her scientific background.

Things changed, she said, when she and her husband attended her father’s funeral.

When the elderly minister conducting the funeral began to ramble, her husband noticed something very unusual.

The elderly minister conducting the service memorial suddenly appeared to "lose focus" and began rambling.

"About 15 minutes of this my husband leaned over and said, 'I see your father standing next to the minister, His arms are crossed and he's tapping his foot. He looks very impatient.' That in itself didn't amaze me but what happened a week later really did," she told George.

Her brother-in-law, whom she had not spoken to during her father's funeral, called.

"Louisa, I really didn't want to say anything at the funeral but I just want you to know that when the minister was talking I saw your father standing next to him - his arms were crossed. He was tapping his foot and he appeared very impatient," she recalled him saying, describing verbatim what her husband had described.

"Now, that blew me away because I knew that he had not talked to either one of us at the funeral. That was just more than a little too coincidental," she said.

She then became more than a "psychic bystander", she told George.

According to Green's research into the phenomena, citing the ground-breaking work of Dr. Diane Powell's "The ESP Enigma", Green said that she believed that "the human nervous system is like a very fine antenna and that antenna can pick up on energy in psychics who are gifted psychics."

The brain and central nervous system which sends and receives electrical impulses to control the body's functions may also pick up signals from elsewhere.

There are those who "have more sensitive antennas that can pick up energy that you might consider psychic."

And the trait appears to be inherited, she said, which is why entire families maybe be psychically gifted!

"To meet someone who is very gifted as a psychic it's likely that there are other people in their family who are the same way."

Despite having married into a psychic clan, Green admitted she doesn't have any preternatural abilities herself.

"Psychics are very cautious about who they talk to," she said.

"My role as a journalist is to record everyone's stories and then share them with people."

For the full fascinating interview with Louisa Oakley Green click here.
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