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Exorcist Issues Warning About 'Illuminati' Rosary Beads

Exorcist Issues Warning About 'Illuminati' Rosary Beads

In a strange story out of the Philippines, a Catholic priest is warning parishioners that 'Satanic' rosary beads are being given out by the Illuminati!

Father Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, who serves as the exorcist for his particular diocese in the Philippines, made the unsettling declaration during a recent radio interview.

According to the priest, the objects are being imbued with evil via nefarious forces who then distribute the rosaries to unsuspecting individuals.

Legaspi came to this conclusion after he performed an exorcism and noticed that the person had been using rosary beads that featured occult symbols not easily spotted by a layperson.

Confirmed by his assistant at the diocese, these markings included a snake, a pentagram and a sun icon often linked to the infamous Illuminati, which led him to suspect that the notorious secret society is behind the odd plot.

The priest also observed that some of these rosaries do not contain any of those unique symbols and are simply cursed by 'witches' who practice the occult.

In order to ensure that people do not become victims of this unholy agenda, Legaspi advised that any religious items received as gifts should be blessed by priests.

And, the church leader said, that if the person is experiencing paranormal activity from the objects, then priests must actually perform an exorcism to rid the rosary of the evil spirits attached to it.

Source: PhilippinesLifestyle.com

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