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Expert Envisions Bizarre Evolution for Humans

Expert Envisions Bizarre Evolution for Humans

A British paleoanthropologist foresees incredible changes to the human body should the species be forced to adapt to radical new environments.

University of Kent's Dr. Matthew Skinner looked at three possible scenarios which could affect humanity and how, over time, our bodies would adjust to their new world.

Should climate change result in the planet turning into a veritable 'water world,' he believes that humans would evolve to develop webbed hands and feet in order to explore underwater.

Transparent eyelids and artificial gills would also emerge as humans left land to make their home in the sea.

Life after an asteroid strike would plunge humanity into a more rudimentary existence where size and strength became the dominant traits among survivors.

Coping with the atmospheric changes, the post-asteroid people would likely develop larger faces and nasal passages in order to produce more warm air for the brain.

If you are a fan of having a thumb, you'd really enjoy living in Skinner's proposed space future where human feet becomes more akin to hands and boast opposable big toes!

Between possible webbed feet, giant feet, and hand-like feet, clearly it is shoe companies which stand to gain the most no matter how humanity's future unfolds.

Source: Sky News

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