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Expert Predicts Humans Will be Hunted for Sport!

Expert Predicts Humans Will be Hunted for Sport!

A tourism expert in the UK has made a bold prediction for what may some day pass for entertainment to the super rich and then society at large: hunting humans!

David Wright of the University of Central Lancashire envisions an unsettling scenario over the next two centuries where human hunting evolves from underground endeavor to sanctioned sport.

The researcher laid out a number of factors which may cause this to unfold, including the growing gap between the rich and poor as well as overpopulation.

He also cited humanity's seemingly inherent fascination with death alongside the ancient practice of gladiator fights as indicators that the dystopian sport could arise.

Wright proposed that human hunting would begin to take hold as a clandestine practice of the mega rich around 2100.

Over time, it would slowly become 'mainstream' to the middle class of the future and become akin to a modern day safari.

By 2200, he postulates, the most dangerous game could be a bonafide tourism experience as humans pay big money to hunt their more unfortunate fellow humans for fun and excitement.

While we'd like to hope that mankind's better nature would prevail and such a ghastly form of entertainment would not really take hold in the zeitgeist, we've seen enough reality TV to know better.

It's almost enough to make you root for a robot apocalypse.

Source: Mirror

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