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Expert Warns of a Potential Pirate 'Drone Air Force'

Expert Warns of a Potential Pirate 'Drone Air Force'

A report on how to combat crimes on the high seas includes the weird warning that pirates may develop their own drone air force.

Produced for the Canadian military, the report cautions drones technology could be used by pirates for long range surveillance or as a way of attacking unsuspecting ships.

The unsavory UAVs would, in turn, allow the pirates to keep a safe distance while also keeping an eye out for any potential police force which may be looking for them.

The emergence of drones as a potential piece of the pirate arsenal is in keeping with a larger trend of maritime criminals utilizing technology to assist in their nefarious deeds.

Drug cartels traveling on the high seas have been seen using rudimentary submarines in order to surreptitiously transport their contraband wares.

The author of the report suggests that the Canadian military should begin adding their own drone capabilities in order to detect maritime criminals as well as protect their ships from maritime criminals that attack.

With the potential for pirate-piloted drones waging air battles with military ships, we've clearly come a long way from the days of cannonballs being lobbed back and forth between warring sides.

Source: Vice

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