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Experts Battle over Tut Tomb Claims

Experts Battle over Tut Tomb Claims

At an archaeology conference in Cairo, doubts and voices were raised over the veracity of claims that two new chambers had been discovered at King Tut's tomb.

Despite laser scans of the tomb seemingly revealing the previously unknown rooms back in November, it was revealed that a subsequent scan in March did not produce the same result.

The revelation led to prominent Egyptologist Zahi Hawass to declare that the chambers did not exist.

He went on to decry sensational media coverage of the alleged discoveries, saying that "there is nothing to publish."

The famed researcher then turned his attention toward Egypt's former Minister of Antiquities, who oversaw the scans and made headlines when he confirmed the discovery back in March.

Hawass contended that Mamdouh Eldamaty has secretly asked authorities to be allowed to drill into the tomb so that a camera could be used to further investigate the purported chambers.

The allegation drew a heated response from Eldamaty, who vehemently denied the claim and charged that Hawass, in fact, was responsible for such unscrupulous research practices.

Despite the contentious spat between the two former government officials as well as skepticism about the chamber 'discovery' from radar scan experts, it appears that the search for the potential rooms will continue.

Egypt's current Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany announced plans for a special committee to determine how to proceed with the investigation.

With the two previous scans contradicting each other, it appears that the next step will be a third scan of the tomb in the hopes of finally settling the debate over the controversial chambers once and for all.

Source: National Geographic

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