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Experts Sent to Study Mysterious Canadian 'Ping'

Experts Sent to Study Mysterious Canadian 'Ping'

The Canadian army has dispatched a pair of acoustic specialists to a region of the country that has been purportedly plagued by a mysterious sound for months.

Denizens of the area in northern Canada say that they first noticed the sound during the summer and, since it began, wildlife has begun avoiding the area, much to the chagrin of hunters who rely on the creatures for sustenance and profit.

Despite a myriad of theories, no one has been able to explain the sound, which has been alternatively described as both a 'ping' and a 'hum.'

Taking the matter seriously, the Canadian government attempted to solve the mystery in November using a surveillance plane tasked with gathering data, but the investigation proved fruitless.

As such, they are now attempting a different tactic in the form of experts that will soon visit the area to interview those who have heard the sound and to collect other information on the odd case.

Hopefully, should they be lucky, the researchers will be able to document the sound as, until now, it has yet to be recorded, no doubt frustrating those who have experienced it but can't quite prove it.

In light of the Canadian government's previous pursuit and identification of another maddening sound, the Windsor Hum, the nation should be saluted for their somewhat surprising diligence when it comes to looking into these cases.

No doubt many locales in the United States wish their weird sounds could be granted similar attention.

Coast Insiders looking to learn a lot more about the case of the mystery ping that pesters northern Canada can check out Linda Moulton Howe's report about the story on the 11/23/2016 edition of the program.

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Source: CBC News

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