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Experts Warn About Robots Replacing Humans

Experts Warn About Robots Replacing Humans

As robots become poised to replace humans in a myriad of industries, a cadre of technological experts have come together to express caution over the future that is being built.

That's right, Roomba, you've been put on notice.

The Foundation for Responsible Robots aims to raise awareness about the potential pitfalls associated with incorporating robots into everyday life.

"Despite the disruptive impact of the increasing automation in our work places, our streets and our homes, only lip service is being paid to the long list of potential societal hazards," Noel Sharkey, co-founder of the FRR told PhysOrg.

Robotics experts predict that there will be a stunning 31 million service robots in use by 2018, replacing humans in a vast array of vocations.

As such the FRR is concerned that little foresight have been given as to how this will effect economies and employment.

And with the widespread popularity of drones as well as the impending arrival of driverless cars, the FRR is calling for more thoughtful discussion about what the widespread adoption of robots will actually entail.

"It is time now to step back and think hard about the future of the technology before it sneaks up and bites us when we are least expecting it," warned Sharkey.

Whether the FRR can do anything to stop the eventual robot uprising that will enslave all of humanity remains to be seen.

Source: PhysOrg

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