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Extra Leg Saves Newborn Lamb

A lucky lamb in England was spared a trip to the butcher shop because it was born with five legs!

The remarkable creature, dubbed 'Forrest' after the Tom Hanks' film 'Forrest Gump,' was delivered last week on a family farm in the English country of Derbyshire.

According to farm owner Mark Bayley, his children immediately took a liking to the unique little lamb, leading the family to decide to keep Forrest as a pet rather than sell him for his meat.

As one can see from the video of the animal frolicking on the farm, the fifth leg does not appear to be any hindrance for Forrest, who seems to be enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame.

While it's impossible to know Forrest's thoughts on this good fortune, we'd like to think his response to being saved was something along the lines of "you're pulling my leg."

Source: BBC News

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