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FBI Joins the Hunt for TX 'Bigfoot'

FBI Joins the Hunt for TX 'Bigfoot'

The Texas city claiming to have Bigfoot lurking in its parks is allegedly getting some help in the search for the famed cryptid via the FBI, but perhaps they have taken the tale a bit too far.

Round Rock, Texas made the headlines earlier this month when their Parks and Recreation Department posted photos of curious tracks which they suggested could have been from Bigfoot.

A cursory examination of the story quickly revealed that it was really just the start of a campaign organized by the city to entice residents into using the parks this summer to 'look for Bigfoot.'

Nonetheless, the ruse continued late last week when the city posted to their official website that the FBI had reached out to their chief of police to offer assistance in nabbing Bigfoot.

In an email shared by the city, an FBI Special Agent tells the chief that the Bureau is very concerned with the Bigfoot reports and that they are nominating the creature for their Top 10 Most Wanted.

The rather clever announcement included a 'Wanted' poster for Bigfoot that accuses the creature of numerous nefarious deeds and promises a whopping $500,000 for information directly leading to the capture of the creature.

While one must applaud the ingenuity of whichever parks department employee came up with FBI angle to the story, it appears that the city might be having second thoughts about the latest twist to the campaign.

Sometime after the news of the FBI involvement had been posted to the city's website on Friday, the page containing the information was removed, leaving only the message "that page can't be found."

One wonders if perhaps the generous 'reward' purportedly offered by the FBI could have been a factor in the city stepping back from the story, since such riches are certain to attract the attention of Bigfoot hunters who are not in on the joke.

And, even worse, if someone did somehow capture a Bigfoot in Round Rock, they would be expecting that reward and it's unlikely that neither the city nor the FBI would want to be on the hook for the bill.

There's also the chance that the FBI was co-opted for the campaign by the city without their knowledge and, thus, were not too thrilled when they learned about the story.

So it's safe to say that there will probably not be any agents prowling the paths of the Round Rock parks anytime soon unless they're in search of overzealous Bigfoot hunters.

Source: The Statesman

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