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Faithful Flock to 'Crying' Virgin Mary in Colombia

The appearance of single red 'tear' on the face of a Virgin Mary statue in the Colombian town of Floridablanca has led to a mass pilgrimage by those wishing to observe the anomaly.

The perplexing phenomenon was purportedly discovered by local worshippers who were praying at the site and noticed the strange 'tear' streaming down the face of the statue.

When word of the tear spread throughout the community and into social media, it prompted hundreds of people to journey to Floridablanca to witness the remarkable event.

Although the Catholic Church has not commented on the situation, one area priest cautioned visitors to not get swept up in the fervor over the 'tear' lest they be taken advantage of by nefarious forces attempting to profit from the phenomenon.

Perhaps weary of the influx of visitors to their small town, the residents of Floridablanca are now insisting that the Catholic Church visit the statue in order to determine if the 'tear' is truly miraculous.

Chillingly, the 'crying' statue in Colombia is the third such event to make news this month, joining after a 'weeping' St. John the Baptist painting in Chicago and another 'tearful' Virgin Mary statue in Fresno.

We can only hope that these collective events are not a sign from above because their increase in frequency is beginning to feel rather worrisome.

Source: Daily Mail

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