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Family Films Ghost on WWII Ship?

A family visiting a famed WWII aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi, Texas had an unforgettable vacation experience when they seemingly filmed a ghost aboard the historic vessel.

The USS Lexington was a critical piece of the American naval forces in World War II and ultimately decommissioned in 1991 to be turned into a museum.

Since that time, thousands of people have passed through the ship and, according to the operation manager of the museum ship, hundreds of ghost sightings have been reported on the Lexington.

Almost certainly that is what inspired this particular family to peer down a set of stairs and whistle as if trying to get the attention of an unseen ghost.

It would appear that their low tech approach worked as a heavy door suddenly rattles as if someone or something grabbed it violently.

The family's reaction suggest that they are not trying to pull a fast one on us as they respond exactly how one would expect: instantly running away in sheer terror.

Intriguingly, the Lexington earned the nickname 'The Blue Ghost' from the Japanese navy after they repeatedly thought they had sunk the ship only to see it again later in battle.

Whether the spooky moniker gave rise to the haunted reputation of the ship or is an indication that there's just something ghostly going on with the Lexington is, much like the vacationers' video, some interesting food for thought.

Let us know what you think the family filmed during their visit to the ship at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: KIII-TV South Texas

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