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Family Kept Son in Cage For 30 Years!

Family Kept Son in Cage For 30 Years!

A family in China is under fire after it was revealed that they kept their son locked in a cage for the last thirty years because they thought he was possessed!

The man's harrowing ordeal began when he was only six years old and briefly disappeared from home.

During his absence, the boy was discovered by villagers who mistook his mental illness for possession and performed an exorcism to free him from 'evil spirits.'

When the child returned home, his parents became convinced that a ghost had taken hold of their son, since his behavior seemed extremely strange.

Rather than take him to a doctor, they opted for a horrifying version of holistic medicine by simply locking him in a cage!

It was in that nightmare-inducing location that the boy grew into a man over the next three decades until concerned neighbors finally told authorities about his plight.

Having been freed from his parents' prison, the man is now being treated for malnourishment as well as examined by doctors attempting to discern his mental state.

Whether the parents end up being punished for the astounding imprisonment remains to be seen, but it would certainly be poetic justice if they eventually wind up being bars.

Source: Mirror

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