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Family Spots Jesus' Face in Cloud

Family Spots Jesus' Face in Cloud

A family visiting a holy site in Ireland were amazed when they spotted what appears to be the face of Jesus in the clouds captured in a group photo.

Liam and Roy Fox along with their family trekked to the top of Ireland's Croagh Patrick, which is considered a sacred mountain where Saint Patrick purportedly spent 40 days fasting and praying.

Stopping in front of a chapel that sits atop the site, the family posed for a picture to commemorate their day together and wound up with something perhaps even more memorable.

As they were looking over the photos later in the day, they were stunned to see a rather remarkable formation in the clouds hovering over the chapel.

Considering the religious significance of the site, the family couldn't help but wonder if the visage was some kind of proverbial 'message from above.'

Their suspicions were strengthened when one member of the family noticed that the timestamp on the photo matched a Bible verse which specifically mentions "the image of the man of heaven."

While skeptics will certainly say that the Biblical connection is merely a coincidence and that the 'face' is only a case of pareidolia, the Fox family considers the photo to be a divine sign nonetheless.

That said, they expressed some consternation that, of all the people they have shown the photo to, priests were the least impressed by the image.

Then again, one would assume that such religious figures are frequently presented with potential holy apparitions from astounded people and, therefore, it may take more than merely a face in the clouds to make an impact.

Source: Irish Sun

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