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Farmer Photographs Chupacabra?

Farmer Photographs Chupacabra?

In a strange story out of Argentina, a farmer claims to have photographed the infamous chupacabra as it prowled on his property.

The alleged sighting and subsequent image follow a series of attacks on livestock in the Argentinian city of Cordoba which had left residents greatly distressed.

The man responsible for the image, Jose Goncalvez, said the creature resembled, "a very large bat, about the size of an eagle and attacks horses and cows in the neck or under the tail."

Aside from his observation, very little is known about his purported chupacabra encounter and recent revelations from wildlife officials cast doubt on the image.

Agriculture specialists in Argentina say that the downed cattle had simply fallen victim to rabies that was contracted via bats.

As such, one is left to wonder whether Gonvalvez' photo is an elaborate hoax or if the official account of what killed the cattle is merely a cover story to assuage the fears of local farmers.

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Source: TKM via Google Translate

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