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Ferry Passengers Hit By Windswept Ashes in Australia

Ferry Passengers Hit By Windswept Ashes in Australia

One family's solemn ash scattering aboard a ferry in Australia turned into a rather awkward experience for passengers aboard the ship when the wind interfered with the ceremony.

The strange incident occurred last week on one of the iconic Manley ferries which cross the Sydney harbor and are a popular tourist destination in the city.

However in this particular instance, some patrons received a macabre vacation memory that they were almost certainly not expecting.

In the middle of the journey across the harbor, it was announced over the public address system that the ferry had briefly stopped so that a family could disperse of a loved one's ashes.

Unfortunately, the memorial was quickly marred by heavy winds which swept the ashes back down towards the ship and onto the unwitting passengers who were sitting in a lower deck.

Although he did not get hit by the ashes, witness Luke McKeown estimated to Manly Daily that several people were not quite as lucky.

And others who watched the strange scene were simply bewildered by the legendary Big Lebowski scene come to life.

"One lady I saw," McKeown said, "she didn’t look impressed at all."

For their part, the ferry company says that such ceremonies are not normally allowed aboard the ship, but they had made an exception due to special circumstances surrounding the deceased's connection to the service.

One would assume their second guessing that decision today.

Source: Manly Daily

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