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Fiery Flat Earth Debate Prompts Call to Police

Fiery Flat Earth Debate Prompts Call to Police

What should have been a fun family camping trip turned ugly after a debate over the Flat Earth Theory grew so heated that police and firefighters had to be called to the scene.

The dispute erupted after the father of the family began arguing with his son's girlfriend, who insisted that the Earth was flat.

Clearly not a fan of the Flat Earth Theory, the man proceeded to throw various items nearby into the campfire to express his profound dismay at her unique perspective on the planet's shape.

One of those objects happened to be a propane tank, which prompted a call to emergency services to come and put out the fire!

Unfortunately, they were unable to throw water on the disagreement over the flat Earth conspiracy since the man had fled the scene prior to their arrival.

Chances are the shape of the Earth will be least of his concerns once police find him, since they plan to charge the propane tank-tossing man with mischief.

Should the young couple find a way to work through these issues, the entire affair will likely make for a hilarious story during their wedding reception.

The strange incident is further proof of the growing popularity of the Flat Earth Theory, which has amassed a considerable number of advocates as well as critics.

Coast Insiders looking for more info on the unconventional concept can check out researcher Mark Sargent's appearance on the 5/21/15 edition of the program.

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Source: CBC News

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