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First Hour Guests

First Hour Guests

In the first half-hour, researcher John Rhodes(1) discussed his exploration into 'reptoids'-- which he described as humanoid beings that reside in underground caverns or caves in remote areas. These muscular creatures' hands have three fingers and a claw and their eyes contain pupils with vertical slits, he said, adding that they may have evolved here on Earth, rather than come from outer space.
Appearing during the second half-hour, Peter Robbins, the co-author of Left at East Gate(2), reviewed details of the 1980 Bentwaters UFO case. He described encounters with aliens who appeared outside their craft in the forest, and how afterward, military witnesses underwent 36-48 hours of "programming" by their commanders on the base.
Both Rhodes and Robbins will be featured speakers at theBay Area UFO Expo (3) taking place this weekend.

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