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'Floating City' Could Be Built Soon

An ambitious plan to build a 'floating city' has taken a major step forward as French Polynesia has brokered a deal with the project backers that could pave the way for construction to start soon.

The futuristic concept is the brainchild of a group known as the Seasteading Institute, which is backed by billionaire tech mogul Peter Thiel.

According to the agreement between French Polynesia, the organization must demonstrate how the idea will benefit the local economy as well as ensure that it is environmentally safe.

Once these stipulations are met, the Seasteading Institute will be granted clearance to begin building in the waters off Tahiti.

Should the plan continue to progress, the group hopes that the city will be home to its first residents by 2020.

The city, itself, would consist of a series of huge, floating platforms which link together and boast a vast array of different buildings.

Long relegated to merely a concept, the new agreement with French Polynesia suggests that the floating city idea may finally be put to the test soon.

Considering the rising sea levels around the world, let's hope it's a success because we may all need to move to one of them someday.

Source: Daily Mail

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