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Florida Mystics 'Psyched' About Trump

Florida Mystics 'Psyched' About Trump

A sampling of soothsayers from the 'psychic capital of the world' suggests that the new Trump administration very well may make America great again.

News station WTSP in Tampa Bay traveled to Cassadaga, Florida to speak with some psychics in the small town where more than half the residents purportedly possess clairvoyant abilities.

Claiming to have predicted Trump's victory, psychic medium Karen Beach told the TV station that his win in November was orchestrated by some other power, presumably spirits working on the 'other side.'

Beach assured viewers that what may seem like worrisome and unexpected events are actually all part of a larger plan.

Reverend Ed Conklin, another one of the town's many mystics, also struck an epic note when asked about the new president.

Conklin likened him to Napoleon or Caesar and, shockingly, opined that President Trump is also psychic!

Whether or not the president possesses supernatural abilities remains to be seen, of course, but one thing seems certain about these uncertain times: they're probably going to be great for the psychic business.

Find out more about Cassadaga from our friends at Week in Weird.

Source: WTSP

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