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Florida Town Puzzled by Catfish Capers

Florida Town Puzzled by Catfish Capers

Residents in St. Cloud, Florida are bewildered over a spate of strange incidents involving catfish mysteriously appearing in their mailboxes.

The weirdness first came to light on Monday when Maddison Fertic was informed by her postman that a catfish had been stuffed in her mailbox.

After removing the foot-long fish with a stick, Fertic found out that she was not the only victim of a catfish caper.

Other residents have also reported 'receiving' fish in the mail as well as having the catfish tossed on their lawn.

"I was kind of in shock that somebody would do that. It's not something you hear every day," Fertic told Orlando's News 6.

To that end, she expressed concern that the catfish pranks were more than mere nuisances and could spell trouble in the future.

"It starts with the catfish in the mailbox, but then it starts with breaking into a car. You never know where things escalate to," she mused to the news station.

To that end, Fertic plans to file a police report about the mailbox tampering in the hopes of dissuading any future catfish-related incidents and, hopefully, bring the pranksters to justice.

Source: ClickOrlando.com

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