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'Fog Dome' Appears in Wales

Following the fog bow in Scotland last month, another weird weather formation has been spotted across the pond: a fog dome in Wales.

The odd meteorological phenomenon was photographed by a woman walking her dog in the Welsh community of Tremeirchion.

After about ten minutes, she told the BBC, the strangely-shaped fog dissipated into a huge cloud which covered a vast area.

A meteorologist asked about the fog dome theorized that it was caused by a warm body of water or some kind of "agricultural building" that caused the cloud to collect in a shape akin to a hot air balloon.

While that explanation is probably what occurred, we're still kind of hoping that it was a sophisticated alien ship making an impromptu landing.

So if anyone in Tremeirchion spots a disoriented ET in the next few days, please let us know.

Source: BBC News

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