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Former Marine Reveals Gitmo UFO Secrets

Former Marine Reveals Gitmo UFO Secrets

An anonymous former Marine has come forward with claims that the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba was once a hotbed for UFO activity.

In a report to MUFON, the man recalls being stationed at the base in the late 1960's and, during that time, witnessing numerous UFOs near the facility.

Amazingly, he said, appearances by UFOs over the base would be an almost nightly occurrence and became so frequent that he was tasked with observing the perimeter of the facility when these craft were spotted.

The ex-Marine remembered the UFOs as fairly nondescript, 50 to 100 foot objects with a red light trailing behind them and sometimes flying at altitudes as low as 300 feet.

Based on his observations of the craft, the whistleblower suggested that they originated from an underwater base because he often saw the UFOs flying in and out of the Guantanamo Bay.

When an object would plunge into the water, he said, large blue lights could be seen under the surface and the illumination would slowly dim.

As can be expected, the soldiers stationed at the base were restricted from talking about the UFO activity with the outside world.

Whether Guantanamo Bay remains a hotbed for UFO activity today is uncertain, although, if there truly is an underwater alien base nearby, that may explain the US government's reticence to shut down the facility.

Source: Daily Mail

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