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'Fouke Monster' FOIA Request Flummoxes Mayor

'Fouke Monster' FOIA Request Flummoxes Mayor

The mayor of Fouke, Arkansas found himself in the strange position of having to answer questions regarding a legendary series of Sasquatch sightings that happened in his town decades ago.

While Mayor Terry Pervis is no doubt aware of the alleged Bigfoot encounters that purportedly took place in Fouke back in the early 1970's, he was caught by surprise when he recently received an FOIA request about the incidents.

"I've never had a request like this. It's weird," the mayor marveled to the Texarkana Gazette, "I am literally speechless."

The inquiry was facilitated by a website which helps people file FOIA requests and asks for "any and all police reports and records which make reference to the 'Fouke Monster,' 'Southern Sasquatch,' and other unidentified or supposed paranormal creatures."

While the Freedom of Information Act has been a powerful tool for UFO researchers in the past, it appears that, in this instance, the government transparency initiative fell short when it came to the 'Beast of Boggy Creek.'

According to Pervis, the town has no records of police reports concerning the 'Fouke Monster' because the incidents were investigated by county authorities.

Regardless, the mayor noted that he is required by law to respond to the request and promised to do so in a professional manner.

"Being the mayor I get to see and hear of some pretty interesting stuff," he told the newspaper, "some things are pretty awesome and some just makes you want to take pause and pray for humanity, but this one takes the cake."

Although Pervis was unable to provide any information, there are two additional FOIA requests that have been submitted to the Arkansas State Police as well as the country in which Fouke resides, so perhaps those agencies will have something concerning the creature reports.

Coast Insiders looking to learn about the legendary 'Fouke Monster' incidents can check out the 9/9/2016 edition of the program featuring filmmaker Seth Breedlove.

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Source: Texarkana Gazette

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