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French Astronaut's 'ET Warning' Resurfaces

The story of a famed French astronaut purportedly issuing a dire warning thought to be about ETs during a suicide attempt has made headlines this week despite being nearly a decade old.

The bizarre 2008 incident saw Claudie Haignere, who flew to both the Mir and International Space Station, try to take her own life by overdosing on sleeping pills.

According to media reports at the time, Haignere exclaimed to those who found her, "Earth must be warned" and then fell into a coma.

Fortunately, the former astronaut was able to be saved and ascribed the strange event to what she called "burnout syndrome."

However, the story went on to become a recent puzzle in UFO lore with researchers pondering over Haignere's outburst and what exactly it might mean.

The fact that there was a mysterious fire at Haignere's lab shortly before her suicide attempt led to rumors that she was working on a clandestine project involving ET DNA, although such claims have never been substantiated.

Despite the rampant speculation behind the event, it appears that Haignere has never stepped forward to clarify or debunk the conspiracy theories which arose from her breakdown.

And, for some strange reason, her story has suddenly generated the interest of the media around the world following publication of a YouTube video detailing the infamous episode.

In almost two weeks, the non-descript video has garnered an astounding one million views and counting, leading to numerous media outlets revisiting the story for their readers.

To conspiratorial minds looking for hidden hands pulling invisible strings, the sudden resurfacing of an eight-year-old story about dangerous ETs conjures the question of why it is suddenly being reported again now and if, perhaps, the 'powers that be' are sounding an alarm to those who might hear it.

Source: The Sun

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