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French Town Still Says 'No' to UFOs

French Town Still Says 'No' to UFOs

Unfortunately for aliens hoping to visit the French countryside, one small town there remains off-limits to ETs due to a decades-old ban on UFOs that has recently been upheld.

The ET hostility began in 1954, when Châteauneuf-du-Pape passed a law stating that "any aircraft, known as flying saucer or flying cigar, which should land on the territory of the community will be immediately held in custody."

Lest one think this was merely a case of French pretention, the legislation was actually inspired by an alleged encounter that one resident had with two 'space visitors' that arrived to the town via a UFO.

In turn, the then-mayor decided to take action and banned flying saucers from the community, earning the town a small level of notoriety.

Over six decades later, the ban on UFOs remains in place and the current mayor of Châteauneuf says that he has no intention of rescinding the restriction.

Claude Avril credits the odd law for giving Châteauneuf a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that makes the French town stand out from other communities.

While that may be the case, considering that the law only bans UFOs and not ET themselves, the town has also left itself open to perhaps the most menacing monster of them all: an extraterrestrial attorney armed with a legal loophole.

Source: RT.com

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