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Frequent 'UFOs' Finished in Oregon

Frequent 'UFOs' Finished in Oregon

The skies of Oregon will be absent a few 'UFOs' beginning in 2017 as lawmakers have banned flying lanterns in the state.

Often confused or, alternatively, blamed for UFO sightings, the ancient airborne illuminations are popular at weddings, parties, and other such gatherings.

However, Oregon state officials decreed that the devices are dangerous because they consist essentially of an open flame and a paper bag that is released uncontrollably into the air.

As such, anyone caught deploying a flying lantern in the state will receive a $2,000 fine.

Although it may seem silly to think that this will cause a decrease in UFO reports, the new law allows for an interesting case study by future researchers looking to see if it had any statistical effect on sightings.

For skeptics, a downturn in UFO reports from Oregon over the next few years could be cited as evidence that they were lanterns all along.

On the other hand, in what is good news for UFO enthusiasts, the lantern ban should eliminate the popular prosaic explanation used by debunkers for reports which otherwise cannot be explained.

And with that, perhaps the ' lantern' debate will slowly fade into obscurity should similar laws begin spreading around the country.

Call it a sign of our modern times, as confusing a flowing paper bag for a flying saucer seems almost quaint compared to the feats seen demonstrated by today's new 'UFOs' in the form of drones.

Source: KVAL

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