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Friday Night Feature

 Friday Night Feature

This week, we present the first subject of our new Entities Gallery which combines accounts of strange beings with drawings made by the witnesses. The first tale comes from Carolyn K.:

Back in 1966, my brother and I, ages 8 and 9 years old at the time, were camping with our father at a lakein California called Cachuma Lake. This lake is located in the mountains above Santa Barbara.

We both (without our father) got up pre-dawn one morning and walked to our favorite fishing spot andsettled in for a morning of fishing. There were no other people in the area at this point (around 5:30 a.m.)We were sitting, relaxed and waiting for fish when something caught my eye over by a huge, old oak tree.

I looked at my brother who was also staring at this "being" who, in turn, was staring at us. It wasprobably about 40 feet from us sitting on the ground next to the oak tree. Its appearance was strange.My brother and I had a sense that it was sort of human and sort of animal (perhaps.) We had neverseen anything like this before. It looked like a small man, about 3.5 feet in height with tan skin, darkeyes and very small Asian features. There was beige colored fur surrounding the face and it remindedme of an Eskimo's fur parka. I could not distinguish if the fur was part of the body or whether the beingwas actually wearing some sort of coat. We were very cautious and little afraid because we were in asecluded area of the lake shore and there were no other people around.

We had a staring contest with it for about 10 minutes. It then started motioning to us with its finger to come over to it and beganuttering sounds/words that we could not understand. Finally, our curiosity overcame us and weslowly walked over to it. As we got closer we were becoming more nervous. It never made anythreatening gestures to us. Our fear came from us not know what we were looking at.

We then found ourselves within 5 feet of it and then heard someone honking their car horn. We turned around to see a car winding down the road to the inlet where we were fishing. When weturned back to look at the "being" it had just vanished. There were dead, dry leaves covering theground so if it had run off, we would have heard it. The oak tree did not have many leaves so wewould have been able to see the "being" if it had climbed up into the tree. It really did just vanish.

I have included a very rough drawing (best I could do) of what it looked like. Click here to view. My brother and I are now 44 and 45 years of age and we still remember the encounter to this day. I often wonder what mighthave happened if other people hadn't arrived on the scene when they did.

--Carolyn K.

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