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Friday Night Feature: A Dangerous Encounter

  Friday Night Feature: 
A Dangerous Encounter

--by Maria R.

Late one night while I was laying in bed waiting for the Art Bell program to come on, I was attacked by several entities. This was not the first time I had been attacked by these creatures, but the first time while I was wide awake (I had insomnia) and never by more than one. I was lying in bed listening to the local news and all of a sudden they came through the mattress and lifted me off the bed.

Well, I can tell you it happened so fast that I didn't have time to respond. Here I am, wide awake with these things levitating me and I am completely paralyzed. I can't move a muscle, my arms and legs are dangling in mid air, and they're beneath me pushing me higher up toward the ceiling.

I then realize to my horror that they are lifting me up toward the ceiling fan. I can't do a thing about it because I am completely immobilized. When my face is only about a 2 inches from being pushed into the ceiling fan I hear a voice loud in my head saying very calmly 'they can only hurt you in your mind.' Well, since I had no control of my physical body I started pushing myself mentally away from the ceiling fan. It's working, but only to keep them from pushing me up any further. I am now stuck there, 2 inches from the fan; I'm pushing down and they're pushing up.

I don't know how long I was up there when I realized I am mentally getting tired and I can't do this much longer. Then I mentally ask for Archangel Michael for help, and say I can't do this anymore. Next thing I know a beam of blue light comes out from the corner of my bedroom ceiling and starts to encompass the entire room. Well, my one bedroom wall is entirely mirrored and now that this beam of light has filled the entire room and I'm not in the dark room anymore, I use my peripheral vision and can now see them, and there are a lot more of these creatures that I thought.

This beam of blue light starts to form into a ball as big as my entire bedroom, then starts getting smaller with me in it. When it gets to the point where it reaches my limbs, my limbs are no longer dangling and are pushed toward by chest. I am now the only thing surrounded by the blue sphere and I am in a fetal position. Then I hear the same voice again that earlier had told me that they could only hurt me in my mind tell me that I am secured and the blue ball then explodes.

I have never heard such screams as I heard that night when that ball exploded and I saw those creatures explode into a thousand pieces. I came crashing down at the end of my bed which is wood and landed on my back against the oak frame. I am now paralyzed again, and I think I have broken my back. I again tell Michael I'm hurt and need help. In an instant the blue sphere appears and surrounds me and lifts me on to my bed. I am once again in a fetal position laying on my side in a blue sphere. Then I feel light tingling in my back and a sound as if someone is unzipping something and I know that they are working on my back but the energy is too intense and I black out.

I finally regain consciousness early in the morning and get the hell out of my home. Afraid to return. When I finally return that evening after convincing myself that this could not have happened and that I was safe, I started getting ready for bed. As I was undressing I look into the mirror and see a red welt going from the top of my back to the base of my spine. This was not a dream, it was indeed a nightmare, but I was fully awake.

--Maria R.


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