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Friday Night Feature

Friday Night Feature

As the year comes to a close, we invited people to write in and share their strangest experience of 2003. Here are some of the responses:

A Special Patient
I work for a major Hospital (Mercy Hospital Folsom) as an Emergency Room Registrar. When someone comes into the ER I take all the necessary info including insurance and then put the chart together for the Doctor and Nurses.

One night about 3 months ago, a guy came into the ER by ambulance. When the Ambulance drivers rolled him into the ER Bay Doors, the lights flickered. But of course that was only the beginning! The head nurse shouted to me "Rhonda you can get him registered now," that they have him in a bed. As I went into the room with my mobile computer, it went dead, next curtain away from this guy was an old lady who was getting a xray. All of a sudden, the xray machine went out.

By then I walked back to my area to retrieve paper to write this guys info down, and the clerk says to me, "Rhonda all of a sudden my ER card maker is down. The gist of this story is that as soon as this guy came in all our equipment when down! Two hours later when the guy leaves everything goes back up again! This guys name was Damien by the way!

Rhonda P.

A Median Vision
Easy one. Weird things happen now and again, as they do everyone, but I'm usually not at a loss to explain them. Sometimes the explanations are natural, sometimes supernatural. But this one I just don't know what to make of.

It's May 29th and I'm pulling out onto I-64 West from Waynesboro, VA. Just a quick hop out onto the interstate to get to Augusta Medical Center to visit with my Mom. The sun is setting and I'm accelerating on the on ramp. The road is almost clear as far as I can see both ways.

Ahead on the median, directly between me and the sun, appears to be a smoky column rising straight up into the sky. But its not really smoky - just gray, shadowy. I can see through it but its dark.

My first thought is that I caught the sun wrong with my eyes. Then, that there's a fire on the median, perhaps.

The seconds zip tick off quickly, but its there. No denying it. I see it, unwavering, rising straight up. I lean toward the windshield and look up. My quick glance confirms that it seems to continue up, diameter constant - I'm guessing about 18 - 24 inches. I shift my line of sight off to each side of it, but it stays in the same place against the landscape - so it's not some sun-induced afterimage.

I've accelerated to speed now and it's behind me. I adjust my rear view mirror and I can still see it clearly back there - until I turn the corner and lose the angle. A shadow column.

I was tempted to turn around and confirm it but didn't, scared it wouldn't be there and even more scared that it would.Probably didn't last more that ten or twelve seconds but it kinda shook me up. I didn't even talk about it for a few days but I did write it down. I've wanted to speculate on what it could have been but haven't really, although I've thought of it often since. I've not seen anything like it since that day and I've even tried to recreate the conditions several times - minus my Mom being in the hospital! No luck though.

Anyone else seeing shadow columns out there?

Bob W.

The Oil Painting
My father passed away summer 2003 in a hospital. 4 days before, I had a dream that I was going to paint a picture with oil-paint. The picture was supposed to be a yellow wheat-field in the foreground and a few low hills in the back-ground. As I tried to paint the field, I couldn`t get the colour yellow the way I wanted it to look. I decided to stop painting, and said to myself I would paint it another time, when I was in the right mood.

Following day, I got a call from my sister in Sweden that my father was in hospital, and very ill. I traveled to be with him at once. In the hospital, I sat down beside my father's bed. I glanced toward the wall direct in front of him, and there it was! The painting I had been dreaming about, 3 days earlier! I believe my father had been watching the same painting, and I had been telepathically contacted an ocean away. When I met my father, he whispered, I am glad you are here. The following day he passed away.


An Unknown Gel
Two instances of a clear gel substance, (about a double handful in size)appearing in two homes 30 miles away and about 2 months apart with no meansof explaining how they could have gotten there. One dropped out of the airabove people sleeping in a bed with a popcorn type drywall ceiling abovethem. No vents, no nothing. The other just appeared in a bath tub, and noone had been in or out of the room as there was a person in the bed (homeill for the day). It's like it just materialized there. After testing thematerial from one of the blobs, it was found to contain a very seriousstrain of pneumonia virus.


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