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Friday the 13th Apocalypse Predicted

Friday the 13th Apocalypse Predicted

The first apocalyptic alarm of 2017 is being raised by conspiracy theorists who see potential danger in a trio of events due to unfold over the next day or so.

Concerned End Times 'enthusiasts' cite the combination of the year's first full moon this evening, the first Friday the 13th of 2017 tomorrow, and Venus being the brightest it's been in 8 years as a possible harbinger of doom.

Connecting this brew of celestial events with Biblical prophecy, they note that Luke 12:25 warns of a somewhat similar scenario as a harbinger of the apocalypse.

The verse says that 'signs' coming from the sun, stars, and moon as well as geopolitical upheaval around the world will be harbingers of the apocalypse.

As such, some have suggested that current uncertainty around the world and the events of the next few days satisfy the prophetic writing.

Of course, it is almost certain that the 1st full moon, 1st Friday the 13th, and Venus being extremely close to Earth have taken place at the same time in the past.

And if one were to travel back to the last time when that happened, it's highly likely that denizens of that era would have felt that they were living in a chaotic world as well.

Therefore, just as the triple supermoon that closed out 2016 did not usher in the apocalypse, it's probably a safe bet that humanity will manage to make it through this latest End Times scare.

A similarly surefire wager might also be someone somewhere will soon have another ominous prediction once we get through the weekend.

Source: Express

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