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Frozen Fish Cause Furor in Japan

An amusement park in Japan had to shut down its highly touted new ice skating rink after a public outcry over thousands of fish that had been frozen into the attraction.

Space World's 'Ice Aquarium' opened two weeks ago and promised visitors the unique opportunity to 'skate above the sea.'

Part of this concept included nearly 5,000 fish of varying species that were embedded in the ice!

Following a news report on the attraction, the misguided commitment to realism backfired spectacularly on the amusement park as social media exploded with outrage over the frozen fish.

The furor ultimately forced Space World to close the Ice Aquarium and issue an apology for the attraction.

And, in an appropriately absurd ending to an already strange story, the park may actually have some kind of service to honor the dead fish next year.

Considering that they had been purchased at a nearby market and, therefore, were dead before they became part of the ice rink, such a memorial seems like a bit of an overreaction from the amusement park.

Source: Guardian

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