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Fukushima Radiation Reaches Astounding Level

Fukushima Radiation Reaches Astounding Level

A worrisome new report on the radiation level found at the doomed Fukushima Nuclear facility indicate that the slow-moving disaster is only getting worse.

Previous readings from the site put the radiation level at an already-troubling 73 seiverts per hour, however the latest findings from Fukushima are jaw-dropping.

The current radiation level at one of the power plant's reactors is an absolutely astounding 530 seiverts per hour.

To put this in perspective for the layperson, scientists say that a mere 4 seiverts per hour would kill a person fifty percent of the time they were exposed to that much radiation.

The astronomical increase at the site has left experts confounded over how to best solve the crisis, since the 530 sph figure is well beyond anything they planned to encounter.

In fact, simply sending a robot into the facility to examine the area will have to be recalibrated going forward.

The specially-designed surveyor was originally going to be operational inside Fukushima for over 10 hours, but that timeframe has been drastically cut due to the current conditions at the site.

It is now believed that the robot will only have a meager two hours inside the highly toxic environment before melting into a puddle.

Considering the enormity of the situation, one wonders when the Fukushima disaster may become completely out of control and, even more chillingly, if that point has already passed.

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Source: Japan Today

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