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Gary McKinnon Info

Gary McKinnon Info

Note: UFO truth seekerGary McKinnon(1) had been scheduled to discuss his situation related to his arrest from hacking into US military computer networks, but there was a problem with his phone line so he wasn't able to be on Tuesday's show.
The upcoming issue of UFO Magazine(2) features a cover story on McKinnon and the magazine's publishers have graciously sent us a link(3) (pdf file) for people to view the article for free. We also heard from Gary's mother Janis, who asks that people please sign a pledge on behalf of Gary: pledgebank.com/FreeGary.

1. http://www.freegary.org.uk/
2. http://www.ufomag.com/
3. http://www.ufomag.com/public/21.5.32-37.mckinnon.pdf

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