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George's New Book is Here!

George's New Book is Here!

George Noory's new non-fiction book Mad as Hell is here!

The candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have shown that Americans are angry and frustrated about the problems facing the country, and as the host of Coast to Coast AM, George hears this on a nightly basis from his callers.

"Join me by reading why I am mad," George writes, "and maybe you will get as angry as I am about conditions in the country we love." Called a 'voice in the darkness' with a radio show heard by millions, "I consider myself not an entertainer or someone to dictate how we should live, but a facilitator who can help guide the path chosen."

"Mad as Hell: America's #1 All-Night Radio Host Takes on the Dangerous World We Live In" is now available on Amazon.



For a free sample of the book, read the first two chapters here.



Check out what New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi had to say about the book, in relation to a recent global cyberattack:

George Noory, the great, late night radio voice in the darkness on “Coast to Coast” — a program in which nothing is sacred and everything is discussed — predicted with pinpoint accuracy in his upcoming book “Mad As Hell” (out June 27) how Friday’s global hack attack could happen.

I read an advance copy a few months back and was startled by his explanation of how easy it would be for such an attack to shut down the power grid, sending us back to the 18th century in seconds.

Imagine life without electricity, communication, transportation, computers or heat.

After Friday’s international hack attack, I’m not just frightened. Like George Noory, I’m mad as hell. Hell, I’m furious as hell. You need to read this book. We all do.

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