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German Retiree Says He Found Lost Nazi Nukes

German Retiree Says He Found Lost Nazi Nukes

A German retiree with a passion for history believes he has found several nuclear bombs that were hidden by the Nazis during World War II.

Peter Lohr contends he discovered previously unknown caverns in an Eastern German valley by using ground penetrating radar.

A subsequent investigation of the purported caverns with 3D imaging technology, he says, revealed five large metal objects, leading Lohr to conclude that he'd found a lost Nazi bunker.

Based on his experience as a mechanical engineer, Lohr thinks that at least two of the objects correspond with the shape of a nuclear bomb.

Despite his concerns about potential radiation from the theoretical bombs leaking into the environment, Lohr's findings have been dismissed by local authorities.

Sadly, Lohr told a German newspaper, the only response he received was to be told that "I'm not allowed to continue my research anymore."

No doubt the response will pique the interest of conspiracy researchers who will wonder why Lohr is now forbidden from further investigating the find.

It's unlikely that historians will come to his aide, as academics assert that there is no evidence that the Nazis had developed such weapons.

Unless authorities have a change of heart or other researchers take an interest in Lohr's alleged caverns, it's likely that whatever they contain will remain a mystery.

Source: The Local

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