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Ghost Appears During Interview at Haunted House?

A paranormal research team in England believes that they have captured evidence for a spirit lurking in a home they were investigating.

Mark and Darell Vernon say that the strange incident happened as they began speaking with the matriarch of a family who have reported odd events taking place at their home in Wakefield, England.

As one of the brothers is interviewing the woman on camera, a puzzling white anomaly can be seen flying through the air in front of her, seemingly unnoticed by anyone in the room.

According to Mark Vernon, the family that lives in the home has been allegedly plagued by visits from a dark, hooded figure that has terrified the children to the point that they will no longer stay there.

And while the wispy oddity picked up on camera is a far cry from an ominous entity, it may be an indication that something truly strange is lurking in the home.

Skeptics, of course, will say that the 'ghost' is either a piece of dust or other prosaic particle which crossed in front of the camera at a close range.

Coupled with the, admittedly awesome, music added to the footage by the Vernon brothers, it's easy to see how someone would 'see' a spirit in the footage.

Nonetheless, the family purportedly tormented by an evil force lingering in their home will likely disagree with that assessment.

Indeed, Mark Vernon says that he and his brother also recorded some intriguing EVPs at the site, including one of a little girl speaking French!

While they have not released that recording yet, we're guessing that it was not caused by dust.

Share your assessment of the spooky footage with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Wakefield Express

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