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Ghost Appears in Family Photo?

A family visiting a famous 16th century castle in Scotland may have inadvertently photographed a notorious ghost said to reside at the location.

Bill Andrew took the photo of his daughter, granddaughter, and great-grandson to commemorate their visit to Scotland's Crathes Castle.

However, the image may contain more than merely the memory of a fun family outing as his daughter subsequently noticed an odd anomaly in the background of the photo.

A strange 'figure' can be seen seemingly lurking in the doorway of the castle behind them with some observers suggesting it is the spirit of a woman holding a baby.

This had led to speculation that Andrew's image contains evidence for an infamous ghost, dubbed the 'Green Lady,' that is said to haunt the castle.

When asked about the strange 'surprise' in the image, staff at the site were dumbfounded by what it might be because the door had been closed at the time the photo was taken.

However, the property manager for the castle conceded that tour guides have recently reported an increase in strange activity at the location.

While skeptics will likely say that the 'ghost' is simply a trick of light and shadow, paranormal enthusiasts may be more inclined to conclude that the oddity could actually be the Green Lady making a brief appearance in Andrew's family photo.

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Source: DailyMail

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