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'Ghost Boy' Captured in Car Selfie?

While battling boredom on a long car ride by taking selfies on her mother's phone, a young girl in Florida may have inadvertently photographed a ghost in their backseat!

According to Melissa Kurtz, the image was taken about a month ago when she was driving her daughter to a beauty pageant and let the youngster take selfies to entertain herself.

Kurtz recently looked at the pictures and was stunned to see what appears to be the distinct visage of a young boy lurking in the backseat behind her daughter.

The mom insists that there was no such child in the vehicle during the trip and, as such, she believes the puzzling anomaly was a ghost.

Possibly strengthening that assertion, she claims that, one year earlier, there had been an accident at the spot where the photo was taken, although Kurtz could not confirm if a child died due to the crash.

A paranormal investigator examined the photo at Kurtz's behest and somehow came to the conclusion that the ghost was trying to warn her daughter to wear her seatbelt.

It's uncertain how they arrived at that nuanced interpretation of the 'ghost boy,' but Kurtz did confess to having been pulled over a whopping 13 times due to her daughter not wearing her seatbelt, so maybe that's not so far-fetched after all.

Check out the strange photo and let us know what you think at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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