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'Ghost' Gets Schoolgirl in Trouble

'Ghost' Gets Schoolgirl in Trouble

A young girl in New Zealand found herself in hot water with her school teacher after she was caught trying to summon the infamous ghost 'Bloody Mary.'

The unnamed eight-year-old was spotted standing in front of a bathroom mirror at the school and, following the instructions of the urban legend, invoking the apparition's name five times.

In response to the youngster attempting to conjure the famed spirit, her teacher made the little girl fill out an 'apology form' from the school and did not let her go to lunch.

Her understandably upset mother expressed dismay at the way the teacher disciplined her daughter, telling the New Zealand Herald that, "it's pretty weird to make a kid miss a lunchtime for trying to summon a ghost."

The mad mom says that the 'Bloody Mary' tale had been going around the school for quite sometime, so she wasn't quite sure why her daughter was singled out for taking part in the 'paranormal challenge.'

Additionally, it seems that the teacher was unaware of the trend sweeping through the school as she reportedly thought the child was swearing when she saw her invoking the spirit.

According to the girl's mother, her befuddled daughter was left wondering, "why doesn't my teacher understand what it is?"

Unfortunately for the young girl, adults being baffled by what kids are 'up to these days' is a problem she'll likely to continue to encounter as she gets older.

And, lest one think that the teacher's actions were celebrated by those who simply don't believe in ghosts, even the head of the New Zealand skeptics association conceded that the response was over the top.

When skeptics are taking the side of 'ghost hunters,' you know you've gone too far.

Source: New Zealand Herald

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