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'Ghost Girl' Photographed at the Stanley Hotel?

'Ghost Girl' Photographed at the Stanley Hotel?

A family visiting an infamous haunted hotel in Colorado suspect that they may have photographed the ghost of a little girl standing atop a staircase.

The eerie image was taken during a 'spirit tour' at the legendary Stanley Hotel, which served as the inspiration for Stephen King's legendary book The Shining.

According to John Mausling, he and his family were stunned when they later looked a the photos from the gathering and spotted what appears to be an apparition in one of the images.

The chilling anomaly looks like a young girl, which further flummoxed the family because there were no children amongst the small group taking part in the tour.

Strangely enough, the spot where the potential ghost was seen in the image happens to be the same location that another possible spirit was allegedly photographed last year.

While skeptics will likely say that the 'ghost' is simply a trick of light and shadow or some other prosaic explanation, the Mausling family have not discounted the possibility that the really did photograph something supernatural at the Stanley Hotel.

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Source: Huffington Post

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