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'Ghost Hunt' Goes Awry in SC

'Ghost Hunt' Goes Awry in SC

Authorities in the South Carolina city of Union arrested a group of self-described ghost hunters for allegedly breaking into a school to perform an unauthorized investigation.

Cops say that they sensed something was awry at the Sims Middle School early Saturday morning around 4 AM, when they spotted a jeep inexplicably parked at the back of the old building.

Their suspicions where confirmed when they entered the school and discovered two men and three women hiding in one of the rooms.

When asked what they were doing at the property, the group claimed that they had been told that the building was haunted and, thus, they were hunting for ghosts.

According to the police report, the erstwhile paranormal investigators may have taken the adventure a bit too literally as one of the young men arrested was also charged with carrying a firearm.

And, calling into question the scientific protocols used by the group during the ghost hunt, police also say that this same suspect, who goes by the moniker 'Woo Woo,' had a "marijuana cigarette" in his possession.

While authorities gave no indication as to whether or not the group was successful in their quest to conjure a spirit, we're guessing that Woo Woo and company would classify the investigation as a misfire.

Source: WSPA

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