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Ghost Hunters 'Haunt' UK Forest

Ghost Hunters 'Haunt' UK Forest

A group which oversees an ancient patch of forest in England says that overzealous ghost hunters are running amok at the site.

Known as Dering Woods, the location has a rich history of eerie paranormal activity and purported ghostly encounters.

However, what was once largely local lore has now become a nuisance as ghost hunting TV shows featuring the site have led to the location becoming inundated with paranormal enthusiasts.

And, unfortunately, the arrival of so many spirit seekers hoping to catch a glimpse of something ghostly in the forest has proven to be a costly problem.

Not only have the caretakers of the site been forced to hire a security guard which costs them more than $50,000 dollars a year, they've also spent nearly $10,000 dollars to clean up litter left behind by the ghost hunters.

Additionally, they fear that the presence of these unauthorized campers attempting to spend the night inside the forest could be disturbing the animals that call the woods home and have protected status in Europe.

"The damage being caused by these overnight visits is unsustainable," Clive Steward, who manages the site, lamented to the Telegraph, noting that the charitable organization is not exactly flush with funding as it is.

Should the increased security at the site fail to dissuade daring visitors, the group may want to consider taking advantage of the forest's popularity and charging campers rather than kicking them out.

Source: Telegraph

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