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'Ghost Nun' Spotted in Window of Irish Convent

A video documenting the demolition of a disused convent in Ireland may have captured the spirit of a nun looking through a window.

The building, known as the Convent of Mercy, was torn down earlier this month and the process was filmed by an area production company.

When they posted the well-produced mini documentary to YouTube, viewers were astounded when they spotted what appears to be an apparition in one of the convent's windows at 18 seconds into the film.

Although the creator of the film insists that the 'spirit' is just a trick of light and shadow, not everyone is convinced.

One local resident told the Connaught Telegraph that she believes it is a genuine ghost that is trying to send a message.

"It's the dead nun's way of expressing displeasure over the destruction of a fine old building where they once lived a noble existence," she told the newspaper.

Several other residents of the town where the convent once stood also echo that opinion, but a local historian offered a third possibility when he suggested that the ghost is a hoax, ostensibly inserted into the video by the production company.

Since the convent has been razed, there's no chance for any aspiring ghost hunters to investigate the site, meaning that the nature of the odd anomaly will never be solved.

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Source: Connaught Telegraph

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