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Ghost Panic Erupts at Garment Factory in Cambodia

Ghost Panic Erupts at Garment Factory in Cambodia

Nearly three dozen workers at a garment factory in Cambodia needed medical treatment after hysteria over a ghost spread among the employees.

In what had to be a bizarre scene, rumors that one of the workers had been possessed by a ghost began circulating on the floor of the factory along with claims.

According to Bun Van, an official with the garment factory workers union who spoke to the Khmer Times, this purportedly possessed person was "yelling for chicken to eat," ostensibly via some form of sacrifice.

The tale apparently was too much for some people to bear as "they started to faint one by one" upon hearing the scary story.

Incredibly, approximately 35 employees wound up hitting the floor during the fainting spree and needed to be taken to a nearby medical facility.

Although he was uncertain about the veracity of the alleged possession story, Van expressed concern that these incidents appear to be far too frequent with one factory reportedly being hit by such a hysteria more than ten times.

Lest one think that these events are not taken seriously by the factories, the union official claimed that, in one instance, "magic sorcerers" were enlisted to help afflicted workers and "in a few cases, owners of factories bought chickens to sacrifice at pagodas."

That said, the factories may simply be trying to salve a supposedly supernatural situation which could actually be more easily alleviated by simply improving working conditions.

Source: Khmer Times

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