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Ghost Photobombs Paranormal Tour Group?

A group photo taken during a paranormal tour of a notoriously haunted location in England may contain the face of a ghostly interloper at the festivities.

The eerie image was snapped at the beginning of a visit to the Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool by one of the guides from the group known as Haunted Happenings.

Intending for it to be another group shot, to showcase their work taking people to different haunted locales, one of the people on the tour that night was stunned when they saw the photo and noticed the 'face in the crowd.'

Amidst the tour participants appears to be the disembodied visages of a person that was not a part of the group.

The person who spotted the anomaly insists that this was not simply a straggler that had wandered into the group, since the tour was the only party with access to the site that night.

The potential ghost, who conveniently appears in the center of the image, is certainly intriguing as it distinctly resembles a woman's face.

In response to the furor over the photo, the director of Haunted Happenings, Phil Barron, says that it has not been altered in any way and that he is mystified by what the anomaly might be.

Provided he is telling the truth and photo is not a clever marketing stunt, the only other possible suspect, aside from a ghost, is our old friend 'light and shadow' playing tricks on us once again.

And while that very well may be the case, the prosaic pareidolia answer, in this instance, is almost as unbelievable as the notion that the a ghost decided to surprise an unsuspecting tour group.

Let us know what you think of the spooky photo at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Week in Weird / Express

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