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'Ghost Prince' Photographed at Tower of London?

During a family vacation to the famed Tower of London, an English woman may have photographed the ghost of a young prince who some historians believe was murdered!

Mary Ryan took the intriguing image while admiring an array of weapons that were on display at the site.

When she looked at the photo later, Ryan was stunned to see the unmistakable visage of a young boy lurking over her daughter's shoulder.

Ryan insists that the family were the last member of the tour group to pass through the area and there were no children that would match the 'ghost' among the tourists exploring that section of the Tower at the time.

Some who have seen the ghostly image suggest that the apparition could belong to a 15th century prince who's fate has long been debated by historians.

In 1483, King Richard III sent his nephew, Prince Edward V, to live in the Tower of London when the young boy was a mere 12 years old.

Edward was never seen again, leading to speculation from historians that he was, in fact, murdered by Richard and his body was hidden somewhere in the Tower.

The mystery surrounding Edward's fate will likely never be solved, but there are those who suspect that the 'ghost child' captured in Ryan's picture could have been the spirit of the unfortunate royal.

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Source: Express

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