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Ghost Secrets Revealed By Witch

Ghost Secrets Revealed By Witch

In a fascinating interview with George Noory Monday night, practicing witch and author Raven Grimassi detailed the different ways that ghosts manifest themselves in the physical world and how witches communicate with the dead.

"One of the earliest accusations in the early days of Christianity was that witches met at the crossroads to summon the dead," Grimassi told George.

"People tend to use the old 'magick' to communicate with those who have gone before us," he said, adding they often seek answers from the dead to still unresolved questions.

But, if summoned, do all spirits or ghosts communicate with the living?

Not necessarily.

"There are things some people would call ghosts," Grimassi explained. "And there's different types of manifestations of THAT."

"Some are what I would call 'sentient ghosts' – conscious hauntings where you can interact with that spirit."

"But a lot of them is what I call just 'the loop' – it’s an imprint of energy. It's a repeated action."

"You see a ghost come down the hallway and through the door and that's what it does always. And that's ALL it does. It's a 'loop' that replays."

"But there are times when spirits, ghosts, can interact with you."

"In that case, you're working with something sentient – something that's aware of you – and can respond in some ways to your presence."

For the full interview with Raven Grimassi click here.

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