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'Ghost' Video of Bollywood Star Stirs Up Controversy

A Pakistani TV program created a truly strange international commotion when it aired a video purportedly showing the ghost of a beloved Bollywood actor.

According to the report by Bol News, the footage captures the spirit of actor Om Puri, who passed away in early January.

In the video, which was said to have been filmed about a week after Puri died, an eerie apparition resembling him can be seen lurking outside the thespian's home.

Making an already strange story even weirder, the Bol News anchor suggested that the actor was returning from the 'other side' to seek revenge on India's National Security Advisor!

The supernatural conspiracy theory is rooted in criticisms Puri had made about the Indian government before he died.

After an Indian television station picked up the months-old story this weekend and broadcast it to the country for the first time, astounded viewers mocked the report and Puri's widow expressed outrage over the footage.

And, appropriately enough, proposed her own conspiracy theory that the video was staged by people who were jealous of Puri and wished to besmirch his memory.

Nandita Puri went on to decry those who played a role in the story and promised that investigators were working on tracking down the group behind the video.

Given the number of tense situations already unfolding around the world, let's just hope World War III doesn't start when Pakistan and India go to war over an Om Puri ghost video.

Source: India.com / Hindustan Times

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