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'Ghost Visit' Leads to Juror's Dismissal

'Ghost Visit' Leads to Juror's Dismissal

A self-proclaimed psychic medium was excused from jury duty during a high profile Canadian murder trial after claiming that she had been visited by the victim's ghost!

After only one day on the jury, the unnamed woman wrote to the judge and declared that she could no longer be impartial in the case due to new information she had received the previous night.

Her letter continues by explaining that she was born with "the ability to see, hear, feel, sense those that have died or whom are about to be born."

Despite originally thinking that this would not prevent her from rendering a verdict in the case, the alleged psychic medium alleged that her impartiality was shattered due to the remarkable ability.

"Last night the deceased presented himself to me," she wrote, "and made me feel what he went through as he was being killed."

According to the woman, the murder victim also revealed who perpetrated the crime and shared some last words for his grieving family.

Conceding that she did not expect the judge to believe her, the purported psychic pleaded with him that "this has affected me on a personal, mental, and physical level."

She concluded the letter stating that "at this point I feel I can no longer act as a member of this jury fairly and without bias towards the accused," suggesting that the ghost had pointed the finger at the defendants in the case.

After conferring with attorneys for both sides, the judge subsequently dismissed the woman and the trial continued without her serving in the jury pool.

Despite her potentially fantastic insights into the events which led to the victim's demise, the dismissed juror was, unsurprisingly, also not called to the stand as a witness.

And you thought you had the best excuse for getting out of jury duty.

Source: Calgary Herald

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